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Katie J.: Founder and Podcast Hostess

Katie J.: Founder of One-Room Education
Katie’s favorite movie is
The Princess Bride

Hi there! I’m Katie, the founder of One-Room Education.

I built this entire thing from bottom up myself to help you and this amazing world we live in come together under the ideals of freedom and prosperity through education for all. I felt so passionately about this cause that, in addition to being a homemaker, stay-at-home wife and mama, I’ve become a web designer, graphic designer, podcaster, blogger, tech support, merch designer and anything else I thought would help to make One-Room Education as beneficial to you as possible.

I’m a life long lover of education and attended Edinboro University of Pennsylvania where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Social Studies Education. After graduation, I work in the public and private school systems as a daily and long-term substitute teacher.

In 2015, after a 3-year stint outside of the education sector, I decided to start my private tutoring business. I missed working with the kids and felt like I wasn’t living up to my full potential even though I had found myself being the lead trainer for my department while working in the title industry.

Over the years, from college through today, I’ve worked with hundreds of students, helping them to obtain academic excellence at an almost 100% success rate for those who follow the plan I lay out for them (I define excellence as a solid mid-B or higher). I found that I absolutely love working with students one on one and helping them understand how to work with their learning differences, not against them.

In 2020, after seeing everything that was going on in schools and the effects it was having on our nation’s youth, I realized that I needed to be able to reach more than just a few students at a time each semester. That’s when the idea for One-Room Education was born.

As I saw more and more students coming to me struggling with their basic academics in English, History and Science after attending online classes, I knew I had to do something. I told my husband I was going to do something to help more students, and that I wanted to empower their parents to stand up for what they believe in at the same time.

After taking my time to consider all of the pros and cons, I officially founded One-Room Education in January of 2022 to do just that! Empower parents, students, and professional teachers alike to work together to take back control of their education and build a more free and prosperous future for everyone.

Thanks for being part of my dream here at One-Room Education and helping restore my faith in the future of not only America, but the world.



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