One-Room’s Educational Philosophy

Here at One-Room Education, it is my goal to provide you with the most practical educational tools to help your students excel in an impractical world.

What is One-Room’s Educational Philosophy?

An educational philosophy is a person or group’s views on how education should work. Here in the One-room, I put mine front and center so you know what we are all about from the start.

The 10 Educational Commandments of One-Room Education:

  1. You do NOT need to be a professional educator to be a good teacher.
  1. The primary responsibility of a student’s education falls on the parents or guardians of that student.
  1. The majority of education happens outside of the classroom.
  1. Anywhere can be a “classroom”, whether you are going to the store, the park or working at the kitchen table.
  1. Each student is an individual and has a unique way of looking at things that needs to be taken into consideration when creating either a curriculum or an individual lesson plan.
  1. Every student is able to achieve the standards we set for them, so make sure to hold them to the highest achievable standard for that student.
  1. Always set realistic goals for your students and yourself.
  1. Always ensure that every assignment has a purpose. Don’t just assign busy work for students.
  1. No subject is stand-alone. All subjects overlap in some way and it is important to keep this in mind when teaching any of them.
  1. Paper is always better. I know…”but the trees!”, but trust me, this one is backed up by a lot of science.

Now that you know what my 10 Educational Commandments are, lets delve a little deeper into each one so I can explain my reasoning behind them. *Click next page for the details*

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