Teacher’s Unions…Good or Bad for Your Children? Part 1

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Join me today as I discuss the basics of the formation of the public teacher’s unions and start the evaluation of weather they have been a net gain or loss for the public education system and your children.

Below you will find the full show notes and reference list for Episode 3 of The State of Education Podcast, presented by One-Room Education.

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Question of the Week:

What was your knowledge of how the public teacher’s unions were founded in the U.S.? Did ever really think about it before this episode?

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Ep. 3 Teacher’s unions…good or bad for your children?: Part 1
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Show Notes

Welcome back to The State of Education podcast, presented by One-Room Education.  Join me today as I discuss the creation and growth of the public teachers union and how they evolved into the hyper-politicized behemoths we know today.

In today’s discussion, we’ll be covering topics including: 

  • Why the public teacher’s unions were originally created.
  • Who created the unions.
  • Similarities the public teacher’s unions have with other private-sector unions.
  • Why this really does affect every aspect of education from pre-k through doctoral candidacy.

In this, the first of a 2 part series, I give you the background of the formation of the public teacher’s unions and how they were founded with good intentions.  I present the similarities and differences between public and private sector unions and why it matters to everyone who holds an interest in the United States education system; which is literally every citizen and resident of the US.

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