No Podcast Episode for The State of Education this Week (4/26/22)

There will be no podcast episode this week for The State of Education.

no podcast 4-26-22-No episode this week for The State of Education

I’m not going to be uploading an episode this week due to some major and exciting things happening behind the scenes here at One-Room Education.

In the mean time, if you missed any episodes or just want to hear my voice, you can find all episodes *HERE* or *HERE*.

A Note from the Desk of Katie J. (Founder of One-Room Education)

Hello and welcome back to!

I’m so glad you are here with me today. I have some exciting news about One-Room Education and our rate of expansion here.

You’re response to this website and The State of Education podcast have completely blown me away! You have shown so much support and interest in the topics I have been covering that I have decided it is time to expand the team.

I’m currently working on new content for the website as well as hiring writers so that we are able to continue to bring you the quality content you have come to expect from One-Room Education on a much more consistent basis.

I’m very sorry for the delay in podcast uploads this week; however, I’m extremely excited about what is happening with the website and the content we have heading your way in the coming weeks.

I’m so glad you are here to join us on this journey as One-Room Education begins our expansion and begins to build a team to bring you consistent weekly content and resources you can use for your classrooms; no matter if your classroom is your kitchen table with an only child or an inner-city block construction filled to the brim. We here at One-Room Education are here for all educators and are committed to brining you relevant and useful topics to make your life a little richer and easier.

Please make sure to sign up for email notifications, if you haven’t already, to get updates about future episodes of The State of Education podcast as well as new content and resources coming your way from One-Room Education in the very near future.

Thank you again for joining me…us on this journey as we work to build a more free and prosperous future together.

With friendly thanks and best wishes,

Katie J.

Founder, One-Room Education

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