An Interview with the Good Patriot

“Hello, I am Katie from the social media channel, “Good Patriot.” My purpose online is to help encourage and educate people in their faith and freedom”

Interview with a Homeschooling OG Part 3

Join me today as we conclude our conversation with Debbi about what it was like to homeschool in the 1990s, her experience mainstreaming homeschooled kids in the 2000s, and how she views the issues within education today.

Interview with a Homeschooling OG Part 1

Join me in today’s episode as Debbi tells the story of how our family got into homeschooling in the early 1990s and what it was really like homeschooling before the internet. She also shares stories about me as a homeschooling student and how she worked within the law to create the experiences that I still treasure today.