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Intro to Katie from Katie

Katie, or Good Patriot as she is better known to the internet, is a freedom loving, unapologetically proud American who sees the many problems that our nation currently faces. Like me she sees the flaws, but is doing what she can to get people prepared in as many ways as possible, whether that is getting stocked up on the 3 Bs (bullets, beans and Band-Aids) or learning how to educate yourself and your family so you can remove from the current system if you choose.

I’ve been a fan of Good Patriots for a while now and find her video content to be extremely compelling and informative. After seeing a video she did that mentioned the state of our education system and how we might move forward to ensure freedom and prosperity for our children, I had to reach out!

She was so kind and took the time to answer these question via email for me so I could share them with you. Her answers were so thoughtful and well organized that I decided not to edit them, but to publish them in a good old fashioned Q and A style.

Katie was so gracious and kind about answering these questions and giving her perspective on education, as a non-education professional, on what her educational experience was growing up in Orange County, California and what she thinks about the direction it is heading now.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did putting it together. Enjoy 🙂

*All of the photos are Good Patriot’s original content and are all linked to their original Instagram posts. Make sure to head over and follow Good Patriot on all of her platforms. You won’t regret the meme game on Instagram!

Q: Who are you and what was the educational path that led you to where you are today?

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A: Hello, I am Katie from the social media channel, “Good Patriot.” My purpose online is to help encourage and educate people in their faith and freedom.

I grew up in Orange County, California and was blessed with a strong public school education. My school system was known for being good and still is today – only I didn’t have nearly the amount of harmful indoctrination to deal with that kids have currently. I never felt the desire to blindly go into a four-year university system right out of high school and originally wanted to pursue special effects make-up in the entertainment industry. That led me to get my associates degree from our local community college while I figured out my path.

I did attempt to get my BA degree from a Cal State school but dropped out after a year because I knew I was there because of the perceived importance of a “four year degree” from others and not because I needed it or even wanted it. Lesson learned.

Most of what I do now came from the reading of lots of books relevant to business and years of self-education, which I believe was lead by God so I could do what I am doing today. I’ve started three businesses that have all given me experiential education, whether it be through tough lessons or great successes.

Q: What was the most influential aspects of your formal education, good and/or bad?

A: As a senior in high school, I remember being in an English class and having to write the introduction to an essay. English classes always came easy to me so I quickly wrote out a “good” intro and showed it to my teacher so I could move on to the next task. She said, “This is very good. Now write another one.”

I was annoyed because why would I need to write another if this one was good? I knew what she was doing then but since I was an impatient teenager, didn’t see the value yet. She was trying to get me to “great.”

To this day, I use that principle in my writing for my videos and am constantly re-writing and refining “good” scripts to be “great.” I am thankful for her “annoying” way of teaching.

I’d say my worst experience in my formal education was that we are taught so many things that don’t matter and not taught so many things that do – like financial education.

I’d say most of my college experience was spent satisfying the “general requirements” of formal
degrees instead of really digging into what I really wanted and needed to be learning. I believe that part of the system is broken and leads many kids to drop out of college. They are bored like I was. Having to take another round of “intro biology” when I’m an art major is non-sensical.

Q: What are the 3 most significant things you wish you would have known about your current career that you had to learn the hard way?


  • To be who God created me to be, to follow the passions He put inside me, instead of copying others that were having success. Early on in business, I remember deciding to sell a product that another person was selling because they were making a lot of money and I knew I could too. That product was not my passion, I became bored very quickly and lost money on the equipment I bought to make that product. Why would I spend eight hours or more a day doing something that didn’t excite me just to make money? When I decided to do what I was passionate about instead of what others were having success in, life became more satisfying and honorable.
  • That you can’t please everyone so don’t try. There will always be someone who disagrees with what you are doing and saying. I learned quickly that to spend hours trying to defend your beliefs or justify your stance is a waste of time. Speak truth and those that are like-minded will eventually find you and support you.
  • That lessons that humble and train you are worth the pain. I’ve seen many people have quick success on social media for (usually) the wrong reasons. My success was very slow. While learning patience I also learned strategy. I grew my strength and the thick skin that was needed to deal with the pressures and insults that come with social media and also became closer with God. I earned my trusting audience by being genuine to who I am and with years of persistent, hard work. I am thankful that I was set upon the harder path to get here.

Q: What is your greatest fear regarding the current culture in education in America today?

Good Patriot brining it all into perspective in one of her amazing videos

A: My biggest concern for today’s educational culture is that parents would rather have the State raise and educate their children than be “inconvenienced” with raising and educating their own children. Owning the “American Dream” – having a big house decorated by Joanna Gaines, two cars, yearly vacations and a life that requires both parents to work has led to several generations of American children being raised by people with evil ideals.

So many parents I know are overly busy. They are burdened by debt. They are overly tired. All this leads to them not being able – or not being willing – to homeschool their kids or be extra vigilant in keeping up with what they are being taught. The evidence of this is the epidemic of LGBTQ-identifying kids that have the same entitlement issues of their parents, only worse.

Q: What educational solutions do you see for the most pressing issues currently facing our nation?

A: Parents need to let go of overly-busy lives, make material sacrifices and home school their kids.

If they can’t do that, then protecting them from school indoctrinations that oppose their values should be their main hobby. The State doesn’t love your children but they do want their minds and lives. Working together with like-minded friends and family, we can take back control over our kid’s education and make sure they are learning things that matter in real life.


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