A Brief History of Education in America

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Welcome to the very first official episode of The State of Education, presented by One-Room Education! Thank you SO much for being here with me today. I hope you enjoy 🙂
Below you will find the full show notes and reference list for Episode 1 of The State of Education Podcast, presented by One-Room Education.

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Ep. 1: A Brief History of Education in America

Show Notes

Welcome to The State of Education in America, presented by One-Room Education.

Thank you so much for joining me today for the inaugural episode of The State of Education, presented by One-Room Education!  My name is Katie and I’ll be your host.  In today’s episode, I’ll be discussing a Brief History of Education in America.  We’re going to be cover topics including:

  • The evolution of the education system in America started in the late colonial period right through the modern day.
  • The historical restrictions on who had access to education in America and why.
  • The roles of men and women in education throughout American history
  • The role of the student in the American education system and how that has changed over time.

My intention with this episode is to give you a background of why the modern education system is the way it is and what my views are as to how it needs to and can be reformed.

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