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Bonjour! I’m Kelly, a former high school French teacher and administrator with a decade of experience. I live in the Denver metropolitan area and have taught in various schools in the Denver/Boulder area (both public and private). I’ve also worked as an adjunct professor of French at the Community College of Denver and Metropolitan State University of Denver.

As a teacher I valued proficiency-based language instruction and storytelling as a way to engage students. I led two groups of students on international travel (only lost one passport) and learned how to drive a minibus during my teaching tenure! While I have fond memories of the first half of my teaching years, I’m relieved to move on from the post-COVID era of instructing.

When not working in my new career (digital marketing) I enjoy freelance writing, researching, and reading very dumb romantic comedies.

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  1. R.B. LEWIS says:

    Bonjour Kelly from France. Thank you for your email today. I will soon open my website on the subject of education, which I am struggling to do (don’t know how). I am looking forward to reading your works and wish you much continuing success.
    R.B.L. – Rouen FRANCE

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